Madrasa teacher accused of watching girls through CCTV while they were changing

A teacher from a Madarasa in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar has been accused of stalking female students through CCTV, when they were changing clothes. The incident allegedly took place on the Independence day at Mustafa Darul Uloom Madarsa in the Barwan Chhatar Das village under Hata police station area.

A cultural programme was supposed to take place in the Madrasa on the occasion of independence day. Participating female students were asked to change into the their respective costumes inside a class room. And while they were doing so, one teacher namely Suleman Ansari turned on the CCTV camera and allegedly watched them.

There are conflicting reports on how the female students came to know about this. One version says that a child saw Ansari watching the girls and he later reported it to them. While another version says that Ansari himself teased them about this, a couple of days later.

Nevertheless, girls protested against Ansari, in response of which he allegedly threatend them. Later the families of the girls also confronted Ansari in the Madarasa. Local police have registered an FIR under section 354 against Suleman Ansari and the Madarsa manager.