Madrasas in Kanpur emerge as major Covid-19 hotspots

The Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh has already emerged as a hotspot for Coronavirus in the State, now further studies reveal that majority of these cases are in fact concentrated to three madrdsas of the district. Close to one third of all cases came from these three places where over 53 children, all aged between 10 to 20 years were tested positive.

“Even though we have multiple hotspots in the district, a large number of cases have come from three madrasas in the last 12 days… Among those infected are very young children who are studying in these madrasas. The good thing is that most are asymptomatic and are showing clear signs of recovery,” said District Magistrate (Kanpur City) Brahm Dev Tiwari.

The first of these madrasas is in Coolie Bazaar area. So far around 50 people have been found to be positive in the area. “The biggest challenge came from the Coolie Bazar madrasa that has resulted in around 38 positive cases. Near the madrasa is one Hate Wali Masjid which was a hotspot as people from Tablighi connection had stayed there,” said the DM.

The second madrasa is the one at Machhariya, which has now been sealed and disinfected. “We had information that some persons with Tablighi connection had been staying in that area. At least seven madrasa students, all from Bihar, had tested positive on April 13,” said the DM.

While the third madrasa with seven cases is Mahmudia Ashrafia. “Samples from the students of this madrasa were taken during random sampling as we thought that several madrasas are showing infection and it would be better to make sure that there aren’t more of such cases. While some of the madrasas showed no infection, this one had at least seven positive cases,” said the DM.

“The number of hotspots will keep increasing now with reporting of fresh cases… We are working on war footing to trace contacts and contain the infection. The silver lining so far is that not a single case in the district has an unknown cause of infection, underlining that there has been no community spread of the virus,” the DM added.