Maharashtra education Minister orders to arrest student for recording his interaction session

Stirring a fresh controversy, Maharashtra Education Minister, Vinod Tawde has allegedly asked a student to remove recording of a question-answer session with him, and also ordered police to arrest the youth.

During an interaction session with the Education Minister at a collage in Amravati, students asked whether the government would provide free higher education to students from financially poor background. The minister reportedly said in response that the students should “start working if you can’t study”.

Tawde allegedly asked a student recording the interaction to delete the clip as well as told the police to take him away. The issue snowballed into a political controversy, with Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray tweeting about the same.

Thackeray accused the minister of trying to evade tough questions on issues such as education and jobs.

“The  education minister of Maharashtra directs cops to arrest student”. Why? Because he was shooting an interaction! No tough questions please! They want Youth only to man their electoral booths, not answer questions about education & jobs, Thackeray wrote on twitter.

However, denying the allegations Tawde said that he had not asked the police to arrest anyone. He said he was answering questions when some students started recording and he only asked them to proceed inside a hall for a proper discussion.