Maharashtra leads all states in soil health cards

RTI activist & Pune based entrepreneur Prafful Sarda, had filed an RTI application with Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & farmers welfare vide registration number :- DOA&C/R/2017/50272. The RTI filed on following issues:

1) How many villages, Rural area & Farmers have been benefited through Soil Health card initiative?
2) How much money allotted & spent by Govt for Soil Health card?
3) Share state wise distribution.

After 3 months, concern CPIO & Deputy Secretary Rajni Taneja reverted to the query. On 17 Feb 2015 Modi government started this initiative for farmers of this country to benefit them in the most profitable manner and after soil testing of their land, farmers will be guided to increase productivity & to get particular crop from their agricultural land.

After the launch of Soil Health Card initiative, In total 32 states 9,15,36,932 soil health card distributed to the farmers of this country and Rs 423.77 Cr is allotted for the and so far Rs 254 Cr released for the development & soil health card distribution.

Maharashtra is one of the biggest beneficiary of this scheme and 1,29,80,907 soil health cards have distributed so far. India’s biggest state Uttar Pradesh stood second with 97,95,150 soil health cards for the people who have agricultural land. Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chattisgarh, Himchal Pradesh also got major soil health cards distribution.

While Dadar & Nagar haveli has zero soil health cards distribution. Andaman & Nikobar, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh & Goa has least number of soil health cards distributed to the people who owns agricultural land & involved in farming.

“India is known as Land of villages, more than 73% people depends upon agricultural sector. I am glad & thankful to the Modi government, because of this scheme particularly farmers from my state, Maharashtra have received maximum support & benefit. It will help them to over-come issues they are facing in terms of farming, selecting right crop as per their land fertility and natural condition for particular crop to get maximum productivity. Even though I believe this benefit should reach to every farmer of our country but drought affected area’s has to be the priority”, said RTI activist Prafful Sarda.