Mahishaura, the King of Asuras, was born out of the union of Rambha “the Asura king” and Mahishi “the water buffalo”. Mahishi’s true form is actually that of a princess by the name of Shyamala, she had been cursed to assume the form of a she-buffalo. The name Mahisha as translated from Sanskrit refers to that of a “Buffalo” and due to this unusual union Mahishasura was born with the magical power to transform himself into a buffalo or human at any time he desires.

Mahishasura, in order to defeat the Asura’s inherent enemies – the Devas, after rigorous penance was granted with a distinctive boon by Lord Brahma. He requested the Lord ” I wish that I cannot be killed by any man, God or animal. I wish to be the most powerful of all creatures ever created”. He further went on to suggest that “If death has to approach me, may it approach me only through a woman. Woman is weak, woman is powerless. How can a woman kill me, the all powerful Mahisha? If you grant me this boon, I shall be as good as immortal”. Lord Brahma granted this boon to him thus making him to be the most powerful King in all of the three worlds.


After being granted with such a powerful boon, Mahishasura went ahead to conquer the Earth (Prithvi Lokam), the Deva Lokam displacing Indra from his capital Amaravati. He went ahead to challenge the Trinity (Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma) very well knowing that it was not possible for them to defeat him in battle. With the combined power of three Sakthis (Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati) and the Trinity (Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma), a beautiful women, Maa Durga emerged from a dazzling pillar of light.

Born out of the positive energy of all the Gods put together, Durga was considered to be an all powerful form of Devi as her name directly translated from Sanskrit means “The Invincible”. Maa Durga marched towards Amaravati in a bid to defeat the power hungry Mahishasura, but Mahishasura was mesmerized by Durga the very instant he laid his eyes on her. Without even the slightest knowledge of the purpose of creation, Mahishasura expressed his desire for her and suggested her to be his queen.

All Maa Durga could do was laugh at his lack of intellect and unleashed her power on his army. Armed with Shiva’s Trident, Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra, Brahma’s Kamandalam of holy water and various other weapons from other god and goddess, the battle between Maa Durga and the Asuras was gruesome and lasted for nearly nine days. After realizing his end was near, Mahisha transformed himself into the form of a buffalo and attacked Durga, but Maa Durga was well prepared for his evil tactics and ensured she slayed the evil King. All Gods and Goddess were overjoyed by his death and thanked Maa Durga for she ensured that peace prevails in all three worlds again.


One can decipher two set of morals from this story. Firstly the union of all positive beings will bring a peaceful result in this world and secondly which primarily suggests that Women should not be looked down upon as inferior beings for they are considered as an “Invincible” form of creation. Here Maa Durga and many other stories shows us how Hinduism reveres women as an all powerful being which at many times have surpassed the combined Lord of Trinity. Maa Durga is considered to be as gentle as a Mother and as fierce as a warrior for she protected all of three worlds from the evils of Mahishasura.

Unfortunately our communist/leftist friends of JNU seem to think otherwise. They have been celebrating this “Mahishasur Martyrdom Day” for the past 4 years especially in the tribal interiors of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa. As per Hembram and Ashwini Kumar Pankaj,a tribal activist and editor of Johar Disum Khabar, Mahishasur (also known as Hudhud Durga) was a clan leader of tribals in the Santhal region, who put up a strong fight against Aryan invasion. According to Hembram, as tribals did not pick up weapons against women, children, aged and the weak, the Aryans sent a woman to lure him.

The Aryans came with a proposal of marriage. But they used treachery and a woman called Durga to kill Mahishasur,” said Hembram.


The British had implanted the fake theory of Aryan – Dravidian divide in India around a century ago. This enabled them to prevail a state of confusion and division amongst the locals so that their colonial aspirations of exploiting India’s wealth can continue. Post Independence, Communists and Leftists have conveniently taken over their job of dividing the Nation by being direct agents to these colonial masters. They have been infiltrating many Hindu folklore by contaminating with the evils of British fake theories in them.

Claiming the superiority of King Ravana over Lord Rama, mourning the death of Narakasuran who was killed by Lord Krishna and accusing Maa Durga for using sex as a weapon to kill King Mahishasura are few of the many theories that they have been using to inflict a deep divide between Dalits and Hindus. Most tribal societies in India have always belonged to the mainstream Hindu religion and such contamination of folklore has only resulted in making them to deduce themselves as outsider. This has certainly influenced many young minds (Eg: Rohith Vemula Case) to take up their fight against the so called Hindu society in India rather than working as one in order to progress the Nation.

Few open questions that have cropped up in my mind which needs specific answers from the so called “JNU Class” liberal thinkers

1) British used this Aryan-Dravidian theory to divide India, What is your purpose of encouraging this fake history into young students and innocent tribals?

2) If the fight of this “Elite Class” is against the evils of religion, how come none of them have targeted evils in Islam and Christianity?

3) If Marxist feminism in Russia enabled a platform for women’s liberation, why do they try to undermine the powers of a female deity in India?

Credits to Rohini Das for helping me write this article.