Maj. Gen. GD Bakshi sits down with SV to discuss Indo-China border stand-off

With the border dispute between India and China still persisting, SatyaVijayi correspondent sat down with Major General (Retd) GD Bakshi for an exclusive chat on the ongoing situation. Major General Bakshi spoke about both the motive behind the provocative actions of the PLA, as well as the valor of Indian forces in protecting the frontiers. In the short but substantial conversation, the Major General shared great insights about the ongoing border stand-off.

The Major General suggested that there was a link between the facts that the Chinese attack came on the intermediate night of 15th 16th June and that it was also the birthday of Chinese President XI Jinping. He said that it was an attempt by the PLA Western Theater Command Chief to celebrate the birthday of his President on the lines of how the birthdays of dictators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used to be celebrated. He said that those dictators celebrated their birthdays by bombarding enemies and killing people and Implied that perhaps XI desired something similar for himself.

“China has committed such a disgraceful and lowly act that it has shattered whatever basis was there for a peaceful relation between these two Countries,” Major General GD Bakshi told SV correspondent.

Then shedding some light on the action which unfolded on that unfortunate night, Major General Bakshi said that “our 20 jawans including one Colonel were martyred but we in retaliation killed their 46.”

“Our soldiers were not allowed to use firearms due to a treaty signed in 1992-93, yet they snatched away enemy’s weapons like rods and baseball bats and used them against the enemy. We handed over around 16 highly mutilated to them (Chinese), later the toll was counted at 46. This was no less a heroic feat, a saga of valor but unfortunately everything is being conducted in such secrecy that very few know about it,” he further said.

Talking about the current situation on Chinese side, Major General Bakshi said that while India conducted the last rites of the martyrs with due respect and recognition, China on the other hand refused to accord the same to their fallen soldiers and didn’t even inform their people about the number of deaths in the clashes. “This has created great resentment among the former Army officials in that Country,” he said.

Speaking about the future and outcome of this stand-off, he said that India seeks peace but we haven’t taken the sole responsibility for it and that if China wants to impose War on us, they shall face a befitting response. “India knows how to retaliate, India doesn’t get into wars unnecessarily but we are provoked and pushed for no reason then we know how to defend ourselves.”

He concluded with a modest “Jai Hind.”

Major General GD Bakshi is regarded as one of the finest military officials to have don the uniform of Indian Army. Throughout his illustrious career, he participated in two wars and numerous operations. After retirement from the services, he appears on Television, Print and Digital news media platforms as a defense analyst and expert.