Major Gaurav Arya Gives a Perfect Answer and shuts down Terror Sympathetic Shabnam Lone-VIDEO

Many Kashmiri’s in pretext of their fake freedom struggle( As in reality, they want an Islamic State) support Jihadi terrorists. They forget, how the original inhabitants of the place Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out, killed and butchered by Jihadi Muslims. Now, stone pelter gang, who receives funds from Pakistan acts as shield to protect terrorists.

Shabnam Lone in this debate seem to support Stone Pelters and terrorists in the pretext of fake Azaadi. Major Gaurav Arya rips her off with a statement ” Those sympathizing and supporting terrorists are also terrorists and Indian Army has promised to kill all of them”.

Arnab takes it from Major and blasts Shabnam Lone in his own charismatic style. Here is the full Video:

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