Why making Manmohan Singh campaign in Gujarat elections could turn out to be a blunder.

It appears as if the Congress party is again depending on the old shoulders of Manmohan Singh to lead their election campaign. Seems like the Congress party has realized that they might not get past the Gujarat elections riding on the shoulders of Hardik, Alpesh and jignesh and that is why the Gandhi’s are again remembering old good Manmohan Singh.

It is true that Congress party is currently devoid of any true leader and Manmohan Singh is probably the most trustable name in the lot, but asking him to campaign for state assembly elections is a blunder. By making Manmohan Singh campaign in state assembly elections the Congress party is putting two things on the stake. The dignity of a former Prime Minister and credibility of Rahul Gandhi.

Manmohan Singh is one of the few people to serve as the Prime Minister for ten straight years. There might be a thousand critics of Manmohan Singh but none can deny the fact that he is currently one of the most well known Indians in the international community.
The Congress party is putting the dignity of a person who has held the position of country’s prime minister for two terms at risk for a state election.

One must take risk only if there is scope for success from it. it is highly doubtful that how many people will buy the theory of “organized loot and legalized plunder” from a person under whose regime, some of the mankind’s greatest scams took place.

The dignity of Manmohan Singh is not the only thing Congress party is putting on stake by making him campaign in the Gujarat Assembly polls, but they are also putting the credibility of Rahul Gandhi on the stake.

By asking Manmohan Singh to campaign for the party, Congress has sent out a message to the supporters and members of the party that Rahul Gandhi is not enough alone. The message is clear that Rahul Gandhi can’t get things done on his own and that’s why they had to ring old Manmohan Singh. Congress party has already invested way too much into Rahul Gandhi and now backing off will be disastrous for them.

Congress party and its leaders must sit down and decide a long term policy for the party. They currently seem like a party without any ideology or policy. In UP without thinking anything they formed an alliance with Samajwadi party and ended up blaming each other after the defeat. Sometime they are sharing stage with Kanhaiya Kumar sometimes with Akhilesh Yadav and now with Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh. After pushing Rahul Gandhi as the face of the party for years, suddenly they sent Manmohan Singh to campaign out of nowhere. Only the Congress party leadership or Gandhi family knows how far this kind of opportunistic policy will take the party to.