Malegaon blasts 2008 case: Lt Col Purohit’S Shocking Interview

The Supreme Court on Monday granted bail to Lt. Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit in the 2008 Malegaon serial blast case.

“We set aside order of Bombay High Court.” the bench of Justice R K Agrawal and AM Sapre said while granting conditional bail to Lt Colonel Purohit.

The Lieutenant Colonel served in the Indian Army between 2002-2005 taking part in the counter-terrorism operation throughout Jammu and Kashmir. He later was shifted to Military intelligence due to some health issues.

After granting bail to other accused Sadvi Pragya Singh in April this year the Supreme Court today granted bail to chief Malegaon accused Lt. Col. Purohit.

In an interview, Col. Purohit revealed all the details of incidents that occurred before he was detained and what atrocities he had to go through during the whole investigation. The interview also reflects on his exposure of the most wanted criminal Daood Ibrahim and how the mafia don operated in India and had links with several naxal groups.



Source: NewsX