Why is Mamata Banerjee supporting the cause Of Rohingya Muslims?

On Tuesday the Central Government made it clear as to why they are not willing to give refuge to Rohingya Muslims, that too in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court of India. According to the Central Government, Rohingyas are involved in many illegal activities like money laundering, links with Pakistan ISI and thus the Central Government feel giving refuge to Rohingyas may affect the National security of India.

But the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee doesn’t seem to agree with the reasons given by Central Government. On Tuesday Mamata Banerjee asked to punish those Rohingyas who are involved in illegal activities, but not to push back all of the Rohingya Muslims.

“Let the government take steps against those who have terror links. But the misdeeds of the few can’t be generalized. We need to distinguish between terrorists and commoners,” the chief minister said. This statement of Mamata Banerjee comes after a report, according to which the West Bengal Government is ready to give refuge to Rohingya Muslims.

One might perceive this move of Mamata Banerjee as the regular tendency of Indian politicians to oppose anything and everything without thinking much, but this move of Mamata Banerjee is indeed not one of those moves. It is a well thought out political move by Mamata Banerjee and she is expecting political benefits from this. Here in this article we will explain how supporting the cause of Rohingya Muslims, is a well planned move by Mamata Banerjee and how she might get benefits from it.

Foot Soldiers For Trinamool Congress:-

The Rohingyas come here in this country without anything. The Mamata Banerjee led Government might be looking to create beneficiaries out of Rohingya Muslims by providing them all the basic things they need to stay in this country. And it is very likely that if today the West Bengal Government helps Rohingya Muslims tomorrow the same Rohingya people will pay back to the Party as foot soldiers and as a consolidated vote bank when they get voting rights.

Messiah Of Muslims:-

If TMC Government in West Bengal helps Rohingya Muslims to settle down in the state of West Bengal, then more Rohingyas from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and other Indian states may also turn their heads towards West Bengal. This move will make Mamata Banerjee some sort of messiah in the eyes of thousands and thousands of Rohingyas who will be more than loyal towards Mamata Banerjee and her party for generations to come.

Support the Islamic Fundamentalists:-

The Mamata Banerjee led Government has went too far in appeasement of the Muslims. And the appeasement was never meant for the common Muslim man but they appeased those fundamentalists of the Muslim society who dictate the common Muslim man on which party to vote for in coming elections. The Muslim fundamentalists in West Bengal are stronger than ever under the rule of Trinamool Congress (TMC). The expectations of the Muslim fundamentalists in West Bengal are sky high and it is they who control the politics of West Bengal to a certain extent today.

Muslim Votebank:-

Mamata Banerjee is quickly realizing that her allegedly pro Muslim policies are not going down well with a good number of Hindus in the State but now even if she wants, she can’t take a more liberal policy and make the Hindus happy because then there is possibility that the Muslim fundamentalists could actually turn against her and she might lose the loyal Muslim vote bank. That’s why Mamata Banerjee might be looking to increase the population of Muslims in West Bengal to an extent where she can get past elections riding on the Muslim votes alone.

Hindu Fundamentalist Narrative:

Even if Mamata Banerjee fails to keep the Rohingyas in West Bengal and even if Central Government push back all the Rohingyas out of India, still it will be a win win situation for her. Because the message to the Muslims in West Bengal and around India will be loud and clear. The message will be, Mamata Banerjee tried her best to protect the Rohingyas but it was the Hindu fundamentalist Modi government which pushed those innocent Rohingyas out. This will be the narrative of TMC and possibly of the entire opposition. TMC will leave no stone un-turned to propagated this message among the Muslims of West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee came to power of West Bengal after long fight with the Left front, and she wants to remain in power for years to come and to keep her power she will do whatever it takes to. And there is nothing wrong in her aspirations but what remains to be seen is, what will be strategy of opposition in West Bengal against her?