Is Mamata Banerjee using Kolkata Police to campaign for her party?

In Malda, 2.5 lakhs of Muslims created riot in the streets of Kalichak. Around 24 police vehicles, including one belonging to Border Security Force (BSF), was set on fire and Malda’s Kalichak police station was ransacked. All the records that were stored in files and computers were destroyed.

The Muslim mob also attacked the BDO office at Kalichak-I. and squatted on the railway tracks in Khaltipur Railway Station. When police tried to stop them, the Muslim mob beat several cops on duty. Muslim men barged into several houses, molested Hindu women and looted their valuables.

In Dhulagarh, the local Muslims, after celebrating Milad-un-Nabi attacked the houses and shops belonging to the Hindus and Dalits. The Muslims again hurled country made bombs, looted money, jewellery, and set houses of Hindus on fire.

Do you know what is ironical in all these cases? The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, stood silent and there by watching these districts burn. She never raised any hue and cry about this Muslim extremist acts. Apart from Mamata Banerjee, none of her party members (Trinamool Congress – TMC) voiced their concerns against the plight of Hindus in any of these districts.

But today, Kolkata Police have targeted a mob of unruly vandalizers in the city as BJP supporters and posted a video of these rioters from their official twitter handle. Few questions which immediately arise in the mind of people are:-

  1. Are Kolkatta Police trying to promote Hindu Phobia as a mainstream agenda targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)?
  2. How come the Kolkata Police never posted any videos of the Muslim riots in the state which targeted specifically the Hindu population?
  3. Is Mamata Banerjee trying to use the State Police Department for political brownie points over BJP?
  4. Has she been rattled over the rise of BJP in the state?

This video has gone viral on twitter and many social media users ridiculed Kolkata Police handle for being the Chief Minister’s puppet. Surprisingly within a few hours, the same video was deleted and re-posted by the Kolkata Police with different text.

It is so shocking to see how ugly the political fight have become, sponsored by Trinamool Congress in the state of West Bengal. Please post your views as comments.

Note: Part of this article is sourced from the page Unofficial Abdul Best Comedian with prior permissions from the author.