Has Mamata Banerjee’s Muslim appeasement crossed all sane limits?

Trinamool Congress Government under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee has openly defied equality in treatment for all citizens of varying religions in their state. Be it the suppression of Dulgarh riots news, the Ban of Durga Pooja in Muslim dominated areas or the ban on celebration of Sarawati Pooj at Tehatta, the political appeasement of a minority community for votes is rather appalling.

Although these acts have been restricted to celebration of festivals and law and order till now, it has now reached newer levels now. Recently the West Bengal Government passed its budget for the Fiscal year 2017-18.

A budget in its full purpose should be utilized by any government to serve all its people in equal capacity. Especially in areas of education, skill creation and employment, a government must act free and fair at all times.

Few selected highlights of present budget are given below:-

  • Rs 2,815 crores – Minority affairs & Madrasa education
  • Rs 2,775 crores – Backward Classes & Tribal Welfare, North Bengal, Sundarbans affairs & Paschimanchal Unnayan
  • Rs 2,410 crores – Irrigation & Waterways
  • Rs 2,154 crores – Large Industries, MSME, Textiles, Tourism & Information Technology

As per our understanding of the above highlights, we can say that job creation through Information Technology, Industries and MSME have taken a back seat. Upliftment of backward classes and tribal people are trivial matters. Irrigation and Waterways also could be stalled for a little while.

BUT, Minority affairs and Madrasa education needs a whopping 2,815 crores to function on a yearly basis.

What one needs to understand here is that allocation of money to Madrasa education will not uplift the average Muslim kids. The entire Madrasa education system must be revamped completely in order to make this happen and this has been confirmed by several Muslim educationalists.

So one can only wonder, how is this budget allocation going to help the average Muslim? Unless the primary motive of the Mamata Banerjee Government is to create a mindless minority appeasement.