Why is Mamata’s Government keen on hurting Hindu sentiments in the state?

Seems like hurting the Hindu sentiments has now become a trend in Bengal, during every Hindu festival the police and administration try their best to put hurdles in the way of the the celebrations. This time it was Rath Yatra.

In the Murshidabaad district of West Bengal, police denied permission to a 400 year old Rath Yatra procession. But after heavy protest from the Hindu community the police finally granted permission, but told the organizers to change their path. In the regular path, there was a worship place of some other peaceful religion and as their festival is also going on, it may hurt their religious sentiments.

Hindus were forced to change the regular path of the procession. The opposition parties and mainly the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) West Bengal, called it another example of the Muslim appeasement policy of the government.


This is not the first time such a thing happened, earlier this year during Saraswati Puja, the Government did not allowed decades old Saraswati Puja to take place at Tehatta Government High School, due to objections from the followers of some unknown peaceful religion. Earlier Durga Puja immersion was stopped by the government on the day of Muharram, because they felt it may ignite religious tensions, there were reports that Durga idols and Pandals which were in the way of Muharram procession were covered by black cover. Even in Birbhum, Hindus were not allowed to do Durga Puja openly.

All these raise few questions about the policies of the Government of West Bengal led by Trinamool Congress. Why do they believe that If festivals of two religions fall on same day, and if both the sides celebrate then it may cause religious tensions?

When they claim that their state is very secular in nature. And if it may result in religious tensions, then why are only the Hindus asked to compromise? We used to get to know about such reports from Bangladesh, a decade back but now we are getting such news from The Indian state of West Bengal, the very land of Swami Vivekananda, the very land of Hindu Reawakening.

The West Bengal government is also trying to carve out a very separate identity for West Bengal, which is different from the Pan Indian identity, something which happened in Kashmir decades ago. The Chief Minister of West Bengal is writing a separate anthem for the state of West Bengal, one may ask, are these steps towards a greater Bangladesh?

The only thing which can bring West Bengal back on track and save it from becoming a second Kashmir is an Nationalist Pro India government.