Man Arrested For Passing Racist Comments To Two Indians

Sydney: A 42-year-old man has been kicked off a plane after his alleged mid-air racist tirade against two Indian passengers.

The United flight from Sydney to San Francisco had to be diverted to Auckland on the New Year’s Day due to the man’s unruly behavior. He was later arrested after the flight landed.

The American passenger reportedly first shouted at the two passengers who have been described as “of Indian descent” who were seated on either side of him. He then called an air hostess and complained of the men talking over him and vented his anger at being seated between them.

“If you guys treat people right on these things, you see two last names the same don’t put someone else in the middle of them,” a video recording showed him telling the air hostess.

“Do you know how cool it would be to have the airplane turned around because of me? You are going to do that! You do that? I’m being so impolite, aren’t I? Fat***”, he yelled further.

Soon after, the pilot announced that the flight was being diverted to Auckland where the police told the man to cooperate or face additional charges.

One passenger told NZ Herald that the man turned on other attendants when they tried to intervene.

“The rant progressed from cursing Indians to Asians to Muslims to non-whites in general and calling flight crew ******* and fat *****.”