Man Cuts Hand of Pujari in Nimuch During Durga Puja-Dies in Hospital, No Media Coverage

The incident happened in a small place called as Nimuch near Indore, where because of alleged property dispute, a goon cut the hands of temple priest with his sword. This incident happened during latest Durga Puja. As expected, there is no media coverage and complete outage on this issue as the news does not seem much secular for main stream to cover this.

The name of priest was Ravindra Kumar and he was in temple on wednesday to do Puja for Karnimata. While, he was doing puja, a Goon entered temple with arms and sword in his hand and started fighting with Ravindra Ji.


After a while of heated conversation, the goon took out sword and attacked right hand of priest and cut it to make it fall on ground. He then attacked other hand of Priest and cut all the fingers to pieces.

There was a complete blood spread in temple and people started running here and there for help. Preist was heard shouting for help many times, but no one came to help him.

Seeing the blood spread throught temple, all people nearby fled away and no one came to help preist at that time. After this mayhem, the goon fled from the spot.

After few minutes, the family of priest came in temple and took the priest to the hospital where he died during treatment. Police registered a case of murder against the accused and establish a special investigation team to probe the case. Special teams have been formed in this case so that the accused can be nabbed as soon as possible.

Now the question is there were politicians like Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav visiting Dadri to visit the family of Lunched Akhlaq, No one has visited this place to visit family of Ravindra. Forget politicians, our English Main Stream Media is reluctant to cover this news since they feel, it will not help them with TRP since beef is not involved or minority is not the victim. Remember, Dadri victim family got 45 Lakhs compensation and 4 Flats in Noida from UP Government. probably, these people believe that people like Ravindra are not humans and does not deserve to live.

Even Rajdeep Sardesai wrote an article comparing Dadri with murder of Prashanth Poojary of Moodabidri Karnataka and said, Prashanth’s murder is not same as Akhlaq since he belongs to Bajrang Dal. Will the shameless paid Journo now say, similar likes for Ravindra too???

This is the standard example to prove Hypocrisy and double standards of so called self declared secular politicians and media, which is sold out to anti nationals and are interested only in selective reporting

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