Read how this man OWNED those blaming Modi for intolerance in one Facebook Post!!

In a time when intolerance is a word being abused over and over and over again, one man from Hyderabad put up this awesome Facebook post slamming those blaming PM Modi for the so-called “Culture of Rising intolerance in the country”.


I went shopping with family to a mall (name of showroom & mall masked) a few days back and bought a whole lot of clothes for Diwali. However, in my usual forgetfulness, I forgot the bags at some place in the mall and noticed only while we were about to leave the mall!!

My wife, daughter, son and myself all went mad running everywhere trying to trace the bags – asking everyone possible from the shopkeepers near the place where I forgot the bags, to Mall Security, to the lost & found desk, to the general public and all but in vain.

Hoping against hope, we went back to the shop (from where we bought the clothes) again to check if they knew anything about it. And Lo, Behold!! A good samaritan had brought the bags and given them to this shop just in case the owner (we in this case) came looking for them!!

What a great gesture it was from this person to take bags full of new clothes and return them back to the store.

BIG BIG Thanks to this good samaritan and to PMO India Narendra Modi for this ‘growing culture of honesty’ in our Country!! It is only because of Modi that this person became so honest 😉

Hain!! Ki Bolo?? Aye ki!!! What does Modi have to do with this honest act of this honest person in the mall?

Correct! Similarly, what does Modi have to do then with the ‘growing culture of intolerance’ in the country? hain??

You get what I mean by the above, right. 😉

Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Ashish Naredi