Man slits 4-year-old daughter’s throat as sacrifice to Allah

The incident happened in Pipad City in Jodhpur district, Rajasthan. Nawab Ali Quershi (26) took his little daughter Rizwana to their verandah and made her sit in his lap. He then read verses from Quran before slitting her throat.

According to the police, Qureshi sacrificed his daughter, eldest of the two, as she was very dear to him and fit the best to please Allah. Quershi has been arrested after he admitted to the murder committed on Thursday morning.

It was Rizwana’s mother Shabana who started looking for her little girl when she found her missing for a while. When Shabana rushed out, she saw her lifeless in a pool of blood. She and her husband took the girl to the hospital where she was declared brought dead.

A medical board confirmed that her throat was slit. According to the police, Qureshi reportedly said that being a namazi, he had sacrificed his daughter by slitting her throat with a knife.

“The accused claimed in his confession that he was under an evil spell that asked him to sacrifice his most loved thing to Allah in the holy month of Ramzan following which he slit the throat of four-year-old Rizwana to make Allah happy,” said Setha Ram Banjara, circle officer, Bilara.

According to the police, Ali had taken Rizwana to market earlier on Thursday where he bought her goodies and sweets telling her that he loved her very much.