Mandsaur Rape Case: The second accused of rape also caught

The second accused, in rape of the 8-year-old girl in Mandsaur, was also caught. The accused named Asif is 24 years old. An accused named Irfan has already been arrested.The police had arrested the 20-year-old accused shortly after the incident.

Following the arrest of the accused, the local people raged and surrounded the Kotwali police station. Mandsaur was closed on Thursdays and Fridays in protest of the incident. People are demanding to hang him.

  • Second accused in Mandsaur rape case arrested.
  • Angry people called bandh in Mandsaur following the arrest.
  • CM Shivraj assured death sentence for the rapist.
  • Schoolgirls wore black ribbons on their hands in school uniform in protest.

Let us remind you that on Tuesday, a 8-year-old girl was raped after kidnapping from school. After this, the accused attacked the girl with brutality, damaged her private parts. As well as attempting to murder by slitting her throat. The child was missing from school on Tuesday.

In a statement, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said, “The accused have been caught and the condition of our daughter is recovering, but the accused will not be spared, the police will work on priority and will try to make the accused guilty of death, In this case I have spoken, a fast track court has been formed for such cases on the order of the High Court, we will do our best to ensure that the culprit will get death sentence. “He said that such a monster on earth are not worth living.

All the school children also performed on the bus stand in protest. Girls from Sitamou Public School, 31 km from Mandsaur, wore black ribbons on their hands in school uniform.

Brajesh Lahoti, head of the Children’s Surgery Department of the MYH, told the news agency “Bhasha”, “The child has been undergoing surgery last night. After this, his condition is out of danger.” Lahoti did not give specific details of the girl child injury due to assault by sharp weapons. But told that these wounds are “severe” and they will take some days to fill.

Lahoti said, “Expert doctors are constantly monitoring the child’s health. Her condition remains stable and health has been continuously improving.” He told that the child was also given blood in the treatment during the MYH. At present, she is not being given solid food. However, she is allowed to be fed.