Maneka Gandhi caught on camera reprimanding a government officer

Bareilly: Union Women and Child Development minister, Maneka Gandhi was caught on camera reprimanding a supply officer who is accused of corruption. The Minister was seen on tape scolding the officer in a closed room surrounded with other people who were also raising allegations against him.

Mrs Gandhi used some strong and at times abusive words while reprimanding the offer. She asked the allegedly corrupt officer, whether he feels good when people say nasty things about him. The senior BJP leader and environmentalist demanded probe against the accused officer, and threatened that strong actions will be taken against corrupt people.

Most of the people who stood surrounding the minister, seemed to be favoring her. It is being speculated that someone in the crowd shot the video using mobile camera.

” What respect do you have? You are fat like a Har***zada and then extort from people. Do you like this? People here are saying nasty things about you,” Maneka Gandhi was heard saying.

Many people expressed opinion that the minister shouldn’t have used such words against someone even if he is a corrupt official. However most of the people on social media seemed to be supporting her saying that this is how these people (corrupt) needs to be treated.