How Many Kashmiri Pandits Have Migrated Since 1990. The Numbers Revealed in RTI Will Completely SHOCK You !!

The Hindus of the Kashmir Valley, a large majority of whom were Kashmiri Pandits, were forced to flee the Kashmir valley as a result of terrorism, on or after 20 January 1990. The exodus has been ignored for years by Indian Politicians as the victims still cry for relief.

Recently an RTI Activist Prafful Sarda enquired filed a new Enquiry in the MHA about how many Kashmiri Pandits had migrated since 1990. The reply was shocking, More Than 60,000 Kashmiri Pandits had migrated to different parts of the country . Read detailed reply below :

In a discussion with Prafful Sarda, he quoted “Hon. Supreme Court do have time to know and understand rohingya Muslims issue but citizen of this country kashmiri Pandits are fighting for justice and hon supreme Court have not given any firm decision in last 30 years.”