Out of many Political Dramas happened this year, here are the Top 5 of 2017

We are all set to bid goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 and this is that point of the year when we look back at the past year. Today we are talking about political dramas in 2017 and there were a lot of them. Politics in 2017 was red hot as the BJP led by the duo of PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah did their best to continue the victory run while opposition parties tried to make a mark. Here we are counting down the 5 biggest political dramas in 2017.

#5- Yogi Adityanath becoming the Chief Minister of UP

The UP assembly elections 2017 was the first much anticipated elections of the year. Many thought the Demonetization, effects of which were still visible by the time of UP elections would affect the BJP. But proving everyone wrong the BJP led NDA Alliance recorded a historic victory with 325 seats, a whopping increase of 278 seats from their 47 seats in 2014. With the decisive victory of BJP came a new speculation about who would be the next Chief Minister. During their election campaign the BJP had not projected any Chief Minister candidate and the campaigns were led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. After the victory speculations were high about who would take throne of UP’s Chief Minister.

Various names popped up in this period. One those names was of firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath. Before the elections there were media reports of BJP not giving much importance to Yogi Adityanath and his name being in second list of campaigners. But the sheer fan following of Yogi Adityanath made him a name to consider for the all important post of Chief Minister. Many experts maintained that BJP will never make Yogi Adityanath the CM as according to them he was way too firebrand to hold the office but the duo of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi had other plans. Putting a rest to all the speculations on 18th March a week after the release of election results, Yogi Adityanath was named the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The entire week from 11th March the day resulted were declared to 18th March was full of speculations. This one week made one of the best political dramas in 2017.

#4- Gujarat election campaigns

If UP elections was the first among most anticipated elections of the year the last was Gujarat elections. We are just a few days away from the results of Gujarat elections which is surely going to be a day full of drama but the campaigns were also as exciting as results will be. BJP did everything to protect their government in the state while Congress led by Rahul Gandhi went all out in attempts of ending the year on a high.

While on one hand Congress joined hands with social leaders like Hardik Patel, Alpesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani on the other hand BJP sent almost entire cabinet, and Chief Minister’s of various states led by the BJP Vice President Amit Shah and ofcourse Prime Minister Narendra Modi to campaign for the party. In this period we saw it all from the Janeu (sacred Hindu thread) of Rahul Gandhi to Hardik Patel’s (not so) tempting videos. And the moment of the entire campaign period must be the time when Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala called Rahul Gandhi a “Janeu dhari Hindu” (still can’t believe). The political drama in Gujarat elections campaign was top class and all we wait for is the results on Monday.

#3 Mukul Roy Episode

At the third position of our countdown is Mukul Roy episode. Mukul was one of the founding members of Trinamool Congress (TMC). He was known as the second man of TMC after Mamata Banerjee and used to look after the entire organizational works of the party but since the beginning of this year there were reports of his disagreements within the party. Many a times reports of him leaving TMC popped up on the media but he had himself refuted them but on 25th September he announced that he will be leaving TMC and resigning from his Rajyasabha seat. This news shocked everyone. On 11th October he officially resigned from his Rajyasabha seat and did a press conference from Delhi. From the press conference he made various allegations on his former party. After this there were a lot of speculation about where he would be heading.

After his announcement on 25th September his closeness with the BJP was growing which he even defended on his press conference on 11th October by saying that if TMC was not aligned with BJP in early days then it would not have been where it is today. He was constantly meeting various BJP leaders and was getting very close with BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya. Experts were divided on on his future. Some were firm that he is joining BJP others maintained that he will be forming his own party which will join NDA. On 3rd November, Mukul Roy ended all the speculations himself by joining BJP at Delhi. The days in between 25th September to 3rd November were full of political drama.

#2 Ahmed Patel’s entry into Rajyasabha

Vidhansabha and Loksabha elections have always been interesting but Rajyasabha elections used to go almost unnoticed as they are not direct elections. Well that was till 2017 because the year changed it all. On 8th August there were elections for various Rajyasabha seats including three seats in Gujarat. In one of the Gujarat seats the BJP candidate was leading narrowly over the Congress candidate Ahmed Patel. It seemed like the BJP will secure a narrow win and restrict Ahmed Patel from going to Rajyasabha but then Congress did something which no one expected.

The Congress went to election commission and asked them to cancel the votes of Congress MLA’s who had voted in favor of BJP. The Congress claimed that those two MLA’s had shown their votes to an unauthorized person before voting which makes their vote invalid as according to the rules and presented a video in favor of their argument. BJP led by their President Amit Shah also started putting pressure on the election commission to keep those two votes. Both the parties kept putting pressure on EC for entire night of 9th August. Media was covering all the latest developments. For the first time such anticipation for a Rajyasabha election was seen. Finally the EC canceled those two votes which helped Congress candidate Ahmed Patel to record a narrow victory.

#1- Nitish Kumar’s joining NDA

On the top position of our countdown is another whole night long drama. From the beginning of year there were rumors of dispute in between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar the leaders of RJD and JDU, the two parties which were ruling the state of Bihar in coalition. Nitish Kumar was the leader of that coalition government as the Chief Minister despite his party JDU having lesser seats than their partners RJD. Nitish Kumar on various occasions had refuted the claims of dispute between him and his partner LP Yadav but on the evening of 26th July, Nitish Kumar shocked the nation by quitting as the CM and withdrawing his party from the coalition.

The news shocked everyone but it was just the beginning of lot of things which were about to happen that night. By night Nitish Kumar entered in a new coalition with BJP and by mid-night they declared that they had majority and demanded to form the government. It was probably for the first time Indians saw a huge group of MLA’s marching towards the governors house in demand to form the government at nearly 1am in the night. It was never before seen. Media kept covering everything the whole night and people were sticked to their sofas. At morning nearly at 11am, Nitish Kumar again took oath as the Chief Minister this time as the head of JDU-BJP coalition. This was probably the fastest thing Indians saw their otherwise lazy politicians do. The 24 hours witnessed the biggest political drama of 2017.