Maria Wirth Reveals Shocking Incident On Flight Exposing How Strong and Succesful Brainwashing by Christianity and Islam Is !!

From Facebook Post by Maria Wirth

Realised how strong and successful brainwashing by Christianity and Islam is on a recent flight:

Next to me a gentleman from Pondicherry, a police officer in his 50s, was sitting and on the aisle seat a young businessman from Mali/ Africa. Both had come from Paris. Language was a problem, as both spoke little English and my French had not been in use for over 40 years and I kept mixing it up with Hindi. But we managed.

The officer who had a very strong voice told me that he is a Christian. I said I am a Hindu. In reaction, he ‘explained’ why Hinduism is inferior to Christianity, to me and also to the African: The Hindu gods are only for certain regions, like Shiva is for Tamil people, but Jesus is the true god for everyone. Then he came to Sati and turned mainly to the African to brief him about this terrible Hindu custom. Intriguingly he also said that Hinduism was born 300 years AFTER Christianity. He admitted that the Church has flaws, but religion is a personal affair between himself and god. When I asked him whether he believes that only Christians can be saved, he said, we all have to worship the true god. He later generously agreed that “if you do good, you are saved, if you do bad, you go to hell”…

The African had his head clean shaven, and an easy smile. When I asked him about the situation in Mali and Jihad, he said Jihad is not about killing and in Mali only in the north, trouble makers are there. I mentioned that the Quran is a lot about how terrible kafirs are and that they go to hell if they don’t become Muslims and asked him whether he believes it. He said “I (stress on I) don’t believe it.” I was at first relieved, but not for long, as he continued, “Koran says it.” So I asked, do you believe the Koran? His reply “100 per cent.” And with pride he stressed, “I am a Muslim.”

i really wonder why especially educated Muslims have this pride. Don’t they know about history, or have they all been taught distorted history? Or has the continuous teaching from childhood “you are lucky because you have the true religion and the true god” simply become a fact for them?