Markandey Katju schools Barkha Dutt on Alok Verma issue

With a high powered committee compromising of Prime Minster Narendra Modi, Opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge and Justice AK Sikri, transferring former CBI chief Alok Verma to fire services, news outlets started flooding with editorials about some ‘grave injustice’ that was meted out to the top IPS officer. Both Prime Minister and Justice Sikri voted in favor of Alok Verma’s transfer while the only dessenting voice in the panel was Mallikarjun Kharge.

All kinds of allegations coated in editorial language were hurled at not only the Prime Minister, but also at Justice AK Sikri, a seasoned judge of nation’s highest court. Several journalists, who have taken it upon themselves to prove all the allegations of Rahul Gandhi as true, went on to the extent of raising questions at the integrity of Justice Sikri.

A handful of news outlets even claimed that another senior judge, Justice A K Patnaik has said that the decision to transfer Alok Verma, was “very, very hasty” and that there were no evidences of corruption against him. However all the editorial speculations, half baked reports and sugar-coated lies came to an abrupt end when former Supreme Court judge, Markandey Katju came up to clear all the confusions about the process of Alok Verma’s transfer, through a series of tweets, Facebook posts and articles.

Justice Katju also lashed out at those claiming that Justice Patnaik has issued a sort of clean-chit for the top cop. Justice Katju said that Justice Patnaik has denied speaking with representatives from so many outlets, and that he only had a minute long conversation with one reporter from one particular media house.

Justice Katju’s post on Facebook explaining Justice Sikri’s decision to vote for Alok Verma’s transfer

Amid this, Journalist Barkha Dutt who was apparently of the opinion that Alok Verma’s transfer was wrong in some way, engaged in a spat with the senior judge. What more, the sole basis of her arguments was an article from the Indian express. The journalist got schooled by Justice Katju.

A large section of Indian media has deliberately been trying to confuse the masses of the country on the issue. They are creating deliberate confusions between suspension and leave, transfer and dismissal. This fabricated controversy created by some journalists with vested interests has taken such colossal form that, Justice Sikri had to turn down Government’s offer to become a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat arbitral tribunal (CSAT).