Marriage procession brutally attacked in UP’s Baghpat while passing through Muslim dominated area

Earlier this week, a Hindu marriage procession was violently attacked by a mob while it was passing through a Muslim area in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat.

According to reports, the participants in the marriage procession were dancing to music while currency notes and coins were being tossed in the air, as is the culture with some North Indian communities. During this, some local children tried to collect the money that was being tossed but they were brushed aside by those in the profession. This allegedly angered the locals who unleashed an onslaught on the procession.

As per reports, those in the procession were brutally assaulted. Some had to be rushed to nearby hospitals. The aggrieved party then proceeded to jam the Baraut-Binauli road, demanding police action against the accused. Police had to use light force to disperse the crowd and open the jam.

Police assured the people of investigation and action, and finally the marriage went ahead.