Massive controversy over exhibition of anti-Hindutva paintings at Chennai’s Loyola college campus

A massive controversy has erupted after several anti-BJP, anti-RSS paintings were displayed in Chennai’s Loyola college on Sunday. The paintings that were put up for exhibition, portrays Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP, RSS and the current central government in a negative light. Further, some of the paintings have even been accused of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

From their outlook, the paintings that were displayed in Loyola College appear to be politically motivated. One of the paintings depict, Prime Minister Modi resting on a swing supported by holy trident trident and American flag, with human corpses beneath it. Another one shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Lord Hanuman, with his mace representing USA.

However, the paintings were not limited to political propaganda only. Some of them apperantly went a step further to attack the Hindu religion itself. One picture depicts trident shoved inside female genitalia, while another one shows a trident, smeared with human blood. Yet another painting shows Bharat Mata (mother India) as a victim of sexual assault, with various multinational companies heading towards her in the form of male reproductive cell. It may be remembered that trident is regarded as one of the holiest symbols in Hindu religion.

Loyola college alumni and television personality, Sumanth Raman slammed the exhibition of politically motivated paintings at the institute saying, “Loyola College has for decades been one of our finest educational Institutions. They should not permit anything that can hurt religious sentiments and should not allow their college to be used for political purposes. This is just wrong.”

Meanwhile, speaking to news channel Times now, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy alleged that Loyola college is known for being intolerant and sympathetic to pro-naxal elements.

The painting exhibition at Loyola college was a part of 6th Veedi Viruthu Vizha, an event that is intended to provide a platform to the folk artists.

Loyola College was founded in 1925 by, along with other European Jesuits, the French Jesuit priest, Rev Fr Francis Bertram (originally a.k.a. Père François Bertrand; 1870/1871–1936), educated at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. The Department of Economics was founded by Rev Fr Basenach from the London School of Economics.