Mayawati is a buffalo, who can’t be taught sanskar: UP BJP MLA Surendra Singh

During an interaction, Singh hailed PM Modi as the reincarnation of Lord Rama and UP CM Yogi Adityanath as the reincarnation of God Hanuman. He also described the grand alliance as ten heads of Ravana, and said Rahul Gandhi is their main leader.

However, his take on Mayawati wouldn’t exactly go down well among those who stand for clean discourse in politics. Singh called Mayawati as Maalvati and described as buffalo of politics.

He further said you can’t teach any etiquette to a buffalo. Even if you clean it up or put scent on it, it will go and swim in the garbage as soon as it sees it. In the same vein, MLA said Mayawati is completely corrupt and takes money for virtually everything. He further said, that even though BJP tried to impart some culture to her, but that doesn’t work with buffaloes.

He said in 2019 elections, Rama and Hanuman together will ensure Ravana is dead, in a metaphorical reference to what he believes will transpire in Indian politics.