Media Lie Exposed: Sri Sri RaviShankar did not chant Pakistan Zindabad

sri sri video image 1

Presstitutes and AAP/Congress/Left supporters love to make mountains of a moles. They take things out of context and try to defame Modi and anyone related to Hinduism. They will support an event organized by Ghulam Ali who openly said hateful things against Hindus, but tried their level best to stop Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s programme that promoted harmony.

When it started raining before his programme was supposed to start, all presstitutes and AAPians/Congressis/Leftists cheered. They do not even know that rain before an even is considered good for a Hindu ceremony. A foreigner was heard saying it is AmritVarsha and so called Hindu leftists were laughing.

The point being that they are against anything Hindu.

Now, they have been using a new video out of context and claiming that Sri Sri shouted Pakistan Zindabad. Here’s an example:


So, did Sri Sri really say this? Here’s a video that will show you the answer:

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