Media Stupidity Exposed: Anurag Kashyap tests Presstitues and they fail HORRIBLY

Anurag Kashyap trolls media image 2

Most of the people on social media who follow news websites regularly have figured out one thing. That fact checking is something that newspapers  (at least online ones) NEVER do. At the hint of a news item, they jump to a conclusion and write stories based on it. The results in the form of stories without any proof, mainly against Modi and BJP, are in front of everyone. BJP supporters have been criticizing the media for a long time for this.

Someone finally put it to a test. Anurag Kashyap had an amazing idea while he was doing a prosthetic test for his eye. He took the picture of himself with a plaster over his eye and posted it on Instagram. He made up an insane story of him getting into a fight with an MMA fighter and was sure that media would pick it up with cross checking. Here are the results

Anurag Kashyap trolls media image 1

We hope media has learnt it’s lesson and would stop jumping the gun on articles without fact checking first.

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