Why are there no Media Trials for these convicted Christian Fathers?

In 2017, the police arrested a priest for sexually harassing a 10 year old boy. Father Basil Kuriyakose the principal of the Kings David International School, was arrested when parents of a student lodged complaint against him. According to the parents the Principal forced the child for unnatural sexual intercourse. The boy told about the harassment to his brother who came to visit him, following which the family of the said boy lodged complaint against the principal.

The news is much bigger than what it seems to be. Just imagine, people admit their children to schools like this which are run by the spiritual people with so much expectations. The parents believed that under the supervision of such Fathers, their children will become a better person.

People trust Fathers like Basil Kuriyakose, and hand their children over to them. Imagine the mental condition of those parents who handed their son over to a Father in hopes that he will make their son a better person, but the father instead of making him a better person actually molested the boy who is his own student. The parents of the ten year old boy must be feeling betrayed. What are we down to? Now we can’t even trust a person who is a Father?

This is not an isolated incident in India, there have been many such incidents of molestation involving a certain religious community, but hardly any Media Trials have happened over this:-

  1. In 1992, Sister Abhaya of Kottayam was found murder, investigations reveled that Father Jose Poothrikkayil, Father Thomas M Kottur and Sister Sephy have confessed to the crime. Why is there no Media trial on this?
  2. Father Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, was pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a girl between 2004 and 2005. Catholic Diocese in India Reinstates Priest in-spite of conviction by a U S Court. Why is there no Media trial on this?
  3. Father Edwin Figarez, who was the parish priest at Puthenvelikkara, was awarded double life term for raping a 14-year-old girl. Why is there no Media trial on this?
  4. In October 2016, Father James Thekemuriyil, the rector of a seminary in Kannur district, was arrested by the police for alleged sexual assault on a 21-year-old seminarian who was undergoing training under him at the institution. Why is there no Media trial on this?
  5. Father Raju Kokkan, parish priest of St Paul’s Church at Thaikkattusery was arrested for abusing a 10-year-old girl. Why is there no Media trial on this?

What must be noted is the pin drop silence of a certain section of the India society. The people who can’t stop talking about Rapist Baba has gone completely silent over Rapist Fathers. We would here like to make it clear that we do not at all support or defend Ram Rahim. We had condemned the violence from the supporters of Ram Rahim on several occasions and we are glad that such people are behind bars.

Dear Ram Rahim, if your followers are Burning the country, you are not a Messenger of God

We believe that be it Ram Rahim or Basil Kuriyakose, such pseudo spiritual leaders needs to be exposed for good. We live in a highly spiritual and religious country where people trust spiritual leaders, but that does not mean we can allow people like Basil Kuriyakose, Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul or Ram Rahim to fool the people to satisfy their own perversion.

And today what also needs to be questioned is the selective approach of our Mainstream Media. The Mainstream Media of the country which is busy reporting every second of what Ram Rahim is doing inside the jail but the same media does not have time to report the details of all other cases mentioned above. What separates Ram Rahim from the others is the selective and agenda driven journalism of our left liberal media.

We here at SatyaVijayi do not hold such prejudice and we believe that any such religious leader who is actually fooling the people needs to be exposed, be it a Baba, Maulvi or Father. Unfortunately the Mainstream Media houses doesn’t seem to echo our opinion, we really wonder why?