Media & Twitter Celebrities Stumped by #ModiInDubai (Twitter reactions)

modi in dubai tweet 8

While twitter celebrities and many media persons spend most of the year bashing Modi, there are times when the cannot do anything else but praise him or atleast acknowledge the support people have for him. During Lok Sabha elections of 2014, we saw it in the form of some tweets buried within thousands where these twitter celebrities accepted the fact that there is a Modi wave. Today, we saw it in a different way. Here are some of these tweets that show how epic Modi’s speech in Dubai was.

tweet1 modi in dubai

modi in dubai tweet 2

modi in dubai tweet 3

modi in dubai tweet 10

While the above tweets showed the awe of these twitter celebrities, some usual suspects were trying their level best to find some fault or give it a political twist, like the below one

modi in dubai tweet 4

Yashwant gave her and others like her making such stupid statements a fitting reply

Modi in dubai tweet 5

Some seem to have lost it…

modi in dubai tweet 6

Some couldn’t write anything through lack or words or lack or courage or maybe just a sad heart. They simply kept retweeting to fill their timelines.

modi in dubai tweet 7

Finally, here are some tweets from Sultan Al Qassemi who is from the Emirates and is widely recognized for his use of Twitter and has been described by numerous media outlets as a prominent voice during the events of the ongoing Arab Spring. RSS got to him too it seems.

modi in dubai tweet 8

Another by him that beautifully sums everything up

modi in dubai tweet 9

Burnol for seculars…. heavily sold yesterday (Just kidding)


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