Media’s LIE EXPOSED: The Horse was Not Injured by BJP’s MLA. VIDEO Reveals Truth !!

Media's LIE EXPOSED: The Horse was Not Injured by BJP's MLA. VIDEO Reveals Truth !!

This video demonstrates the power of paid media and how gullible we are when it comes to believing things. This also shows how easy it is for the ruling party to manage the media and conveniently shift attention from relevant issues. Police officers rode on horses and chased the demonstrators. Normally this wouldn’t be seen except in emergency situations, but then again the Uttarakhand police has proved how vulnerable it is in front of the dictatorial State government led by Shri. Harish Rawat Ji.

Most media channels have been circulating the news that BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi hit a horse and injured it. Please watch this video to know the truth. The MLA has strongly condemned the action of the youth involved in this video for pulling on the horse, making the poor animal lose his balance and fall, thus injuring himself. He has apologize on his behalf as this is against his personal and the party’s principles. He added by saying that BJP is a party which is led by the likes of Maneka Gandhi and believe in treating animals like family. He urges all of us to take a moment to watch this video.

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Now lets also have a look at how presstitute Indian Media is presenting this incident:

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