Meet Legion, The Hackers Who Hacked The Twitter Accounts Of Rahul Gandhi, Barkha Dutt & Vijay Mallya

For the past couple of weeks, Twitter has been in news for all wrong reasons, thanks to a group of some brillents who had hacked the official twitter accounts of known personalities like Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, liquor baron Vijay Mallya, and renowned journalist Barkha Dutt and many more. The geniuses behind these gems are a hackers’ group called ‘Legion’ who have been ruling social media for quite some time now. Legion is a coalition of like-minded hackers based out of five countries – the United States, Sweden, Canada, Thailand and Romania, according to the Delhi police’s cybercrime cell. The group seeks to expand its activities, leaving its email id — [email protected] – for more hackers to join their campaign. The group does not appear to have any links with the hackers’ group Legion of Doom (LoD) that targeted rich and famous people’s email accounts in the mid-1980s. LoD remained active till early 2000s. However, the two groups appear to share ideological goals in targeting what they say are the rich and corrupt. LoD was founded by US-based hacker Lex Luthor after he broke away from the Knights of Shadow.

From what we have observed Legion targets the rich who aligns themselves with secular thinking. By the looks of it, this looks like Legion is a group with a right wing back ground. Lets not be surprised after all the world Is now moving towards the right wing. It all started when the worlds largest democracy elected Modi as their PM and it recently ended with Trump becoming the President of US. Legion is definitely here to expose more and more information of the rich. It would be interesting to see how they go ahead about making some financial exposure which could create a huge out roar among the victims. Legion cannot be tracked easily since they operate from various countries with a undisclosed IP address so people who have critical information to hide from the world, watch out.. Legion is here to stay and expose the truth