Meet the Man Modi appointed to Strategies, Execute Demonetisation

When PM Narendra Modi bought in the biggest reform in Indian currency to fight the corrupt not many close to him knew the man behind this bold move. The name was not a known name among the media and political circle. PM wanted someone trustable so he handpicked a trusted bureaucrat, little known outside India’s financial circles, The master mind who is responsiable for executing and ensure the transition process is carried out is none other than Hasmukh Adhia, Revenue Secretary working with Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Mr Adhia and five others were aware of the plan and were sworn to the highest of secrecy


The 58-year-old served as principal secretary to Modi from 2003-06 when he was Gujarat chief minister, So Modi knew the capability and the zeal Adhia had Which would help Modi to build a better India


Mr Hasmukh Adhia was supported by a young team of researchers working in two rooms at PM Modi’s 7 Race Course Road residence, as they decided to announce the biggest reform in the history of Indian economics.

“I have done all the research and, if it fails, then I am to blame,” Modi told a Cabinet meeting on 8 November, shortly before the move was announced, according to three ministers who attended. He then Informed the same to the head of 3 defense forces and National security advisor Ajit Doval.


Overseeing the campaign, with support from the backroom team camped out at 7 RCR, was Adhia.

Adhia was named revenue secretary in September 2015, reporting formally to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. In reality, he had a direct line to Modi and they would speak in Gujarati when they met to discuss issues in depth.

The controversial demonetisation move scrapped money worth Rs 15.4 lakh crore, equal to 86 percent of cash in the country.


“One is never ready for this kind of disruption — but it is a constructive disruption,” said Narendra Jadhav, a 31-year veteran and former RBI chief economist who is now a BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha.


Soon after the biggest announcement by Modi Adhia tweeted “This is the biggest and the boldest step by the Government for containing black money. It is like a surgical strike on black money.” Of Couse He knew he was one of the master brains working for it

Having said all this let’s hope and pray demonetisation is further smoothly translated. Adhias role in this entire process to flush out black money is commendable and He is definitely doing good if not the best to complete the transition process. We salute such staunch nationalist who work really hard to make India a better nation. Their hard work should be respected and appreciated.