Meet the seven year old Indian Samanyu Pothuraju who climbed the highest peak of Africa

When the entire Nation is proud of Indian athletes who grabbed one after another medal at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games, most are unaware about the seven year old boy from Hyderabad has also made India proud far away in Africa. Earlier this month seven year old Samanyu Pothuraju hoisted the Indian tricolor at the highest peak of Africa, the Uhuru peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Speaking to news agency ANI, the boy said, “The day was rainy and the road was full of stones. I got afraid, I had leg pains, but I took rest and completed it. I like snow a lot and that is the reason I went to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Pawan Kalyan is my favourite hero, my mom promised me that she will make me meet him if I try the world record, now am eagerly waiting to meet him. I will go to Australia peak in next month ending and want to make a record.”

Pothuraju was accompanied by his mother Lavanya, coach Thammineni Bharath, a fellow mountaineer Shangabandi Srujana, and another woman, all hailed from Hyderabad. A local doctor from Tanzania also accompanied them.

Pothuraju’s mother said “I am really very happy as my son tried to achieve a world record. After reaching there, I stopped in my halfway because of my health condition but my son didn’t quit unless until he reaches the destination. I was very much tensed and worried as there were different climate conditions. Our next target is Australia, 10 peaks in May ending and that will also be the record of my son.”

The trek began on March 29 when the team started from the base point. It took about five days for the team to reach the peak.