Meltdown of Left liberals after Umar Khalid arrest – ‘India doesn’t feel like a democracy anymore’

‘Tukde Tukde gang’ fame JNU student Umar Khalid was arrested late on Sunday night after being grilled for several hours for his alleged involvement as a mastermind of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots earlier this year.

As per reports, Khalid appeared for interrogation at around 1pm in the afternoon on Sunday. At around 11:30pm, Khalid’s father Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas took to Twitter to announce that his son has been arrested. What followed, was an absolute meltdown by the left and the liberals on social media. From accusing the central government of falsely implicating Khalid to claiming death of democracy, from the scenes on micro-blogging site twitter it appeared as if the doomsday came early for self styled liberals in India.

Shortly after the arrest, actress Swara Bhasker came out to demand scrapping of UAPA act, under which Umar has been booked.

Pratik Sinha, the co-founder of Alt News, claimed that, “on most days, this country doesn’t feel like a democracy anymore.”

Professor Ashok Swain, well famous in India for his abusive and unparliamentary language, termed the ruler of current regime as a “bigot megalomaniac.”

Writer and researcher Suchitra Vijayan called out the people to take to the streets, in typical leftist style.

Siddarth Vardarahan, co-founder of the Wire said that ‘there was an inevitability to this police action’ and even went on to claim that there is no evidence back up the case against Khalid.

Below are couple more reactions from well known left liberals, which came at midnight, right after Khalid’s arrest.

All in all, left liberals rushed into action in less than 30 minutes from the arrest and since then a hysteria is being created to apply pressure on the investigators and influence the probe. However, with a strong leader in Amit Shah at helms of affair in Home Ministry, it is unlikely that such antics would be successful in altering the course of investigation.