Metroman Sreedharan said – bullet train is for the elite class, India needs a safe rail system

The famous ‘Metro Man’, E. Sreedharan has said that the bullet train in the country is for the elite class. But India now has the necessity of safe rail system. 86-year-old retired civil engineer E Sridharan said that “The bullet train is quite expensive which will be far from the reach of the common man.” Whereas India needs to make its existing rail service clean, fast and secure. During an interview with HT, Metro Man put his point open about Indian rail service.

  • E. sreedharan led the construction of the Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro.
  • India does not need bullet trains but a safer railway system.
  • Govt. is spending about Rs 1 lakh crore for India’s first bullet train.

E. Sreedharan said that I do not keep in mind that changes in Indian Railways have come very fast. As far as bio-toilets is concerned, it is yet to be developed technically. “The speed of trains has not increased”, but the average speed of many important trains has come down. Running trains on time is still a challenge. There is no reduction in train accidents. Accidents have also increased during the level crossing.

“Bullet trains will cater only to the elite community,” Sreedharan said.

“It is highly expensive and beyond the reach of ordinary people.” He added.

He said that, “I think the position of Indian Railways is 20 years behind the current trains running in developed nations”.

E Sridharan also said during this interview that I am very excited about the progress of the country.” Even after 70 years of independence, one-third of the country’s population lives below the poverty line. He said that, “politicians give more importance to their political goal”.

During this interview, Sridharan, former head of Delhi Metro, disclosed that why is the Delhi Metro so close to his heart? Sreedharan said that the Delhi Metro has set a great standard, since there has been a tremendous change in the metro across the country. As a result, 13 metro cities are under construction today. Delhi metro will reach 260 km in 20 years. Not only this, it will also be included in the list of the world’s fastest growing metro service. He said that the way Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is working now is really a matter of pride.

Last year a RTI query revealed that more than 40% of train seats remain vacant on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad line, where the Govt. is spending about Rs 1 lakh crore for India’s first bullet train.