During these trying times amidst the pandemic the most suffered section (segment) is of the daily wage workers in India. They move out of their hometowns to bigger cites to get work. Life is already difficult for them as they live hand to mouth. When the government announced the lockdown due to Covid19 these were the people who were the worst affected as they had to shut down the work and stay at home.

As they are daily wage workers they don’t have (neither have) much ration stored nor do they have so much money to pay rent etc. Majority of the migrants belong to UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand.

It was a huge challenge for the state governments and central government to provide them with basic necessities. It’s heartbreaking to see most of these migrants walked miles and miles to get home. It indeed is a sad state that no one cared for them.

As soon as these migrates reached UP boarder 12000 buses were arranged to bring them home. Once the migrants reached UP they were quarantined for 14 days where they were provided good food and beds.  Post that they all were home quarantined for further 15 days and dynamic CM Yogi ji took immediate steps to provide 15 days ration to migrants.

Indian Railways announced that they pay 85% of the fare and state will bear the remaining 15% and that the migrants didn’t have to pay anything for their travel. The government was taking care of the fare and food during this travel. A lot of these migrants have come forward to say that they are really luck (lucky) to have a CM like Yogiji. How could CM Yogiji handle the issue differently? What he did that other CMs couldn’t do?

But seems like Congress President had other plans. She declared that Congress party will pay the train fares for the migrants. Now the question is why did she wait for the railways to announce this? Why did the Congress rules state CMs did not do the arrangements already? If she really cared for the migrants why no action was taken before hand? Dirty politics was played when time came for these migrants to travel back to their place of work. Priyanka Gandhi promise (promised) to send 1000 buses however when the the list was sent it was discovered the most of the registered vehicles were auto rickshaws, ambulances and what not. And this is not the first time they have made a mockery of people of India. To play politics during such times is really shameful however some parties have stoop so low that they hired PR agencies to glorify their work.

Rajasthan roadways sent a bill of Rs 36 lacs to UP government which CM Yogiji paid off. Meanwhile Haryana CM rejected the offer of his Bihari counterpart and said they are Indian citizens and we are happy to bear the cost (of) lockdown hit migrants. This shows the difference in thinking and how these 2 CMs have helped the migrants during the pandemic.

Yogiji has decided to give Rs 1000 to each migrant for nourishment and that money will be directly credited to the bank account via DBT. Yogi has deposited around 611 Cr to 27 lac MANREGA migrants so that none of the migrants living in UP are financially distressed.

A lot of questions unanswered and lot of people left distraught and heartbroken. When we say we are all into this together means we have to take everyone along us not leave anyone behind just because of their situation.

I had hoped and wished that all the political parties would have come together during the pandemic and helped each other to fight it. However this is never the case. The opposition is determined to pin point the mistakes of the ruling party forgetting that this is unprecedented times no one has seen before. No one is prepared for it and we have taken measures on a trial basis. This is the time to put people first and leave the difference. God give us the strength to deal with this situation and hope we come out winners.

The author expresses her opinion on twitter with handle @curlykrazy07