Is There A Mini Pakistan Hidden Inside West Bengal? A Satyavijayi Exclusive On Howrah Violence !!!

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, off late has been in the National Mainstream Media for all the wrong reasons. Leading the Opposition parties against Demonetisation, Charging the Army of demanding money from local residents of West Bengal, Politicizing the Indian Army by calling them “BJP supporters” and as always going overboard to support the Muslim minorities.

Unfortunate for her, things in the state look much murkier than usual. Lawlessness and the Rise of Islamic violence have been on the high in state of West Bengal. Although the TMC did promise reduction of violence in the state, which had been Left Government’s biggest challenge, the current condition has only worsened further.

TMC party members have been accused of running Parallel Governments in their respective constituencies and the recent Hindu-Muslim violence in Howrah stands testimony to the same. As per our sources in Howrah the following incident unfolds during the Hindu Muslim violence:-

“On 12th December 2016, around 3000 Muslims had gathered at a local place to celebrate Nabi Diwas. This gang at around 11:00 AM in the morning decided to take a surprise detour to a Hindu majority dominated area named Dhulagor. In a sudden spurge of violence catching the locals unaware, the Muslim gang started bombing Hindu shops and houses.

Police arrived at the locality right after the members of the Muslim gang disappeared. No action was taken against the Muslim aggressors and the police withdrew their support at 8:00 AM 13th December 2016, the very next morning.

This violence went well ahead into its second day and thankfully with some tip off from few local Policemen, certain Hindu gangs were armed with sticks to defend themselves. The violent Muslim gang came back with two mini trucks, loaded with crude bombs, and continued their attack on the Hindu dominated areas.

This on-slaughter lasted for 7-8 hours after which the police arrived at the scene of crime. Around 250 houses were burned down, 2000 shops were destroyed, two temples vandalized and around four Hindu victims had been shot at. Locals infact allege that TMC leader Gulshan Mallick was one of the main instigators behind this planned attack.

Houses Burnt:

Gun Shot:

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Will Mamata Banerjee be able to defend this lawlessness in the state? Is this what she had promised to her voters? Will she continue to encourage such Islamic Violence in West Bengal?

One can only wonder if a MINI PAKISTAN has been created inside the state of West Bengal by successive Left and TMC Governments.