Misleading report on Rifleman Aurangzeb and the mystery woman- Is ISI’s evil brain at it again?

A report published by Hindustan Times , claims Rifleman Aurangzeb was in contact with a “local” woman and that SOP’s (standard operating procedures) were not followed, and this lead to him walking into the trap of terrorists. The same report was then published by both DNA and News Timesnow websites.

This article is an attempt to weigh and assess the information in the aforementioned articles and to make a logical conclusion based on the evidences produced in them.

An inspiration for the Kashmiri youth, a pro-nation muslim, and a brave soldier- Rifleman Aurangzeb has now become a legend in his home state of Kashmir. His brutal killing evoked a never-seen-before reaction from Kashmiris against terrorists and separatism. It is for this reason, one can safely assume it’s the hands of anti-India entities at play behind the misleading reports which project such valorous soldiers in poor light.

But where’s the PROOF?

  • Claim: The report mentions an official who claims Aurangzeb was in contact with a “local” woman.

Fact: Aurangzeb was a Kashmiri, and his family was from Poonch, ergo him marrying a Kashmiri woman or his relation with local woman is legit. The report has been carefully worded to besmirch the reputation of Indian Army, which has often been falsely accused of human rights violations in the valley. The recent UN report on Kashmir was one such example of la farce reports produced, and it has been rightly dismissed by Indian Foreign affairs ministry as an attempt to water down the Indian army’s efforts to rein in peace in Kashmir by weeding out terrorism.

  • Claim: The news was leaked to the newspaper via an official

Fact: The entire story has been woven around the statement made by an official, whose ostensibly wishes to remain anonymous. This report is a classic case of “he said/she said” story, where the reader is often left flummoxed as to what conclusions to be drawn from the report. The reporters responsible for such stories employ the ‘view from nowhere’, pretending they neither know nor care about the matters they are reciting. This is NOT objective journalism but BAD journalism. Such practices should be discouraged by media houses.


This isn’t the first time Hindustan Times reporter, Harinder Baweja, has with alacrity articulated a piece to sully Indian forces. In one of her articles posted in the year 2017, she had attacked General Bipin Rawat for an alleged acrimonious speech on the Kashmiri youth. Freedom of expression in a democracy like India is often misused, sans any responsibility of its consequences. Such journalists and their ploys are just an example. Being objective as a reporter is not a state of perfection but a discipline, which the journalist in question clearly lacks, as evident by the body of her work.


ISI’s propaganda fueled by Indian media houses

Two other news websites, DNA and News Timesnow, have published the same story; whilst DNA claims its source to be Hindustan times, News Timesnow has published its report quoting an anonymous official. It is beyond being vacuous to publish and propagate a news article without any proof.

Since the month of June Indian defence journalists and veteran officers had been warning of ISI’s orchestrated hate campaigns doing rounds on social media. These contain morphed videos, vitriolic texts and false/rumoured news often employed to stir up public anger or to mislead them.

ISI has been indulging in such nefarious activities since long; in 1989, ISI was successful in forcing Kashmiri Pandits to flee the valley by employing a propaganda which came close to the anti-communist revolt of Eastern Europe. Similarly, the Assam revolt of 2012 was fueled by misinformation spread by Pakistani websites. The most recent ISI scandal involves UN Human rights council High commissioner, Zeid, being photographed with ISI operatives.

Whilst the objective of foreign forces to malign the Indian Army is an attempt to keep their own agency afloat, its worth pondering as to what is it that motivates some Indian journalists and certain social media users to perpetually sling mud on their own country’s reputation?

Eyeball grabbing headlines like the one below is nothing but a calibrated effort to shake reader’s faith in Indian Army. Caveat lector!!!