Why modern day China is Anti-India? Because it is Anti-China in its foundation

Chinese Were Not Our Traditional Enemies, One Change Made Them Our Enemies Forever – The contents of this article originally appeared in RightLog.in and The Rational Hindu.

If one looks at the long and ancient histories of China and Bharat, mutual antagonism and full-fledged conflicts or wars are few and far between. Largely speaking, China has been politically inward looking and focused more on consolidating its empire from within. Indeed there has been past rivalries between the two nations with the seafaring South Indian kingdoms’ empires stretching all the way up to Chinese ports, occasional minor conflicts or stalemates around the Indo-Tibetan border and such. However, nothing compares to the animosity or mistrust between the two nations that prevails now and that did for the most part of 20th century.

The simple reason for this apparent paradox is “China is not China anymore,” at least since the communist revolution, if not since the advent of European (mis)rule on Asian soils. Ancient Chinese cultural ideal of harmony in existence (a.k.a. Confucianism) has been annihilated and replaced by blood lust-filled Western Christian European thought currents, such as communism and mercantile capitalism. Materialistic superstitious communism brings the worst out of humanity across the globe. There is not a single communist regime that has “not” committed large scale genocides of its own people in the most grotesque and dystopian fashion.

Such barbarism is rivalled only by the genocide of native Americans, Australian Aboriginals, many peoples of Asia and Africa by Europeans. Not so surprisingly, Communism is a direct product of European “high” thought. Ahem.

China is not only communist in government anymore, it is also a mercantilist capitalist economy with high-flying robber barons supported by nepotism of the ruling Communist Party of China. That means, in practice, it is the worst of both worlds. Sad and scary, but true indeed.

Imagine a mercantilist capitalistic East India Company fused with National Socialists Workers (aka Communists) Party (the expansion for NAZI) of the Third Reich: the ultimate in human violence is born. This is the very antithesis of all Oriental civilizations, which were all based on some form of Dharma or the other. Obviously, even with the slightest knowledge of the world and Oriental history, one can tell Modern China is no China. True Chinese China was long ago brutally assassinated by one of the many Western, European weapons of mass genocidal annihilation, the infamous communism.

Is there anything that has come out of the Western thought that is not genocidal to people or animals or plants? From planetary destruction to genocides that cause mass extinction, we still live in the thrall of the butchers of the universe. How can we expect peace on this planet, let alone Indo-China peace?

The sooner the Chinese and Indians realise this the better it is for humanity. Else, all hope will be lost for humanity and western cannibalism will drop its veil of civilisation and will become more openly and unabashedly parasitic: the era of vampires is upon us…

Do not forget that vampire bites can convert us all into one too!

(Many thanks to Shri Sudarshan T Nadathur for reviewing the draft.)


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Chinese Were Not Our Traditional Enemies, One Change Made Them Our Enemies Forever – The contents of this article originally appeared in RightLog.in and The Rational Hindu.