Modi is a Man of Vision,India is Not Becoming Intolerant-Bharat Ratna,Scientist CNR Rao. Read Full Interview

Modi is a Man of Vision,Majority In India Are Tolerant--Bharat Ratna,Scientist CNR Rao. Read Full Interview

In recent interview ,CNR rao has heaped praise on narendra modi and vision for india and science.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man of vision, feels India’s Bharat Ratna-winning scientist CNR Rao.
In an interview, he speaks on Modi’s science policy and on religion, intolerance and Mother Teresa’s sainthood.

Excerpts of the interview:

Q) Do you think Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a good vision for science?

A) He is definitely a man with vision, there is no question that he wants to do something, we hope he will not only use good advice and all the wonderful ideas he has. He is obviously a doer when you listen to him; there is nothing wrong in what he says. What he says is perfect. Except that, we have to do many of those things.

Q) So do you think India is becoming intolerant?

A) No, India is not becoming intolerant. [Some] intolerance is there in society; fortunately, a majority of Indians are tolerant.

Some more Excerpts

Q) You are a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, there is this recent issue of Mother Teresa being made into a Saint, how do you justify miracles and science and what do you tell the Pope about it?

A) Pontifical Academy has nothing to do with the Pope in this way, Pope deals with the church and the church has made her a saint. Pontifical Academy does not deal with Saints.

Q) Do you believe in miracles?

A) No, I do not believe in miracles. One in thing general I will tell you, in India there is confusion between religion, faith, superstition and science. Faith everybody should have one thing or the other, like if in science you must have faith in the laws of physics. Faith is something everybody should have. If somebody has faith in philosophy or God, I have nothing against it; however, it should not give rise to superstition. Even Einstein said nobody could be without faith. Religion also you can have any religion, but do not mix it up with other things in life. Faith has nothing to do with believing in things that cannot happen against the laws of physics.

Q) So, you are saying religion and science should not be mixed up?
A) No, they should not be mixed up. India is study in contrasts, find your own balance, if you go to any extreme and become a radical and become against everything, they also [become] terribly intolerant. One needs a balance in dealing with these things.

Source PTI