Modi-Modi slogans in the BIGGEST UAE MOSQUE: Video

Modi in Saudi

Modi, who is painted by many as a person who hates muslims, is touring UAE to improve India-UAE relations. For those unaware, about 33% people living in UAE right now are Indians. After the US visit of Modi, many consider this visit to be the most crucial visit of Modi so far.

BUT that is not what this article is about. Today, something unexpected happened. Something that will give sleepless nights to all pseudo-seculars of India. Something that will give jitters to the opposition. Something that will give a great sense to pride to all nationalists.

TODAY, in the biggest UAE Mosque, people shouted the name of Modi. Watch below:

If you were to tell someone that Modi’s name will be shouted in the biggest mosque of UAE, he would laugh at you and send you to a mental asylum. Waqt badalte der nahi lagti.

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