Modi vs. Kejriwal: This is the difference this Independence Day Showed us

Arvind Kejriwal with his wife Sunita

Many people take no time comparing Modi and Kejriwal and place them at the same level for God knows what reasons. For anyone with even one percent common sense, it is clear that Kejriwal has not had any chance to show how capable he is in governance while Modi has proven it in Gujarat.

Today is Indias 69th Independence day and this was the first time when Modi and Kejriwal both celebrated the day in an official capacity. How they celebrated it showed the difference between Modi and Kejriwal and it showed why we support Modi. We will not go into huge explanations showing how each celebrated the day. I can write 2000 words on that. But, an image is worth a 1000 words. So, here are two images that showed the difference.

Here’s the message Modi highlighted


And here’s Kejriwal’s highlighted message

kejriwalI don’t need to say anything more.

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