Modiphobia, “Dissent” – Fundamental Right or Political Propaganda?

There is no place for alternative narratives in some places. On 1st February 2016, I had written an Open Letter to Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. It was a very humble letter; considering that he had, in my understanding, shamed India in presence of an international dignitary. Some of the guys picked it up & published it right here on Satyavijayi. However, it did not go down well with those suffering from Modiphobia.

Soon, AAPtards & Congress supporters hounded me on the comments section, Facebook, Twitter, & other assorted social media. My phone number was leaked & I was subject to tremendous hatred. The onslaught got even more scathing by the evening of 3rd February. The abuse was impeccable! They abused my parents, upbringing, caste, religion – everything! Fatigued, I felt like quitting the Social Media altogether. But I’m no quitter. Also, Social Media is the only place where I could hear from my Guru. So, I stayed on.

Until then, I was an apolitical Centre-Right atheist. But after seeing how “civilised” these well bred high society finely clipped British accent English speaking, chardonnay drinking, intellegentsia really were, I turned into a proper Right Winger. As I came in touch with a few people, I realised that the left, Congress, & AAP were all speaking the same language.

After observing the spectacle, I realised, without doubt, that there was a coordinated attack. Even the keywords of leftist websites; be it “intolerance”, “hyper nationalism”, “jingoism”, or, above all, Saurabh Shukla’s “awkward” interview with (now President elect) Donald Trump, etc. – were all the same. Yes! The leftist propaganda is so strong that they unite in theor attacks, blatantly using the same words; presuming that we are unable to see through their Modiphobia propaganda.

The sad thing is that their Modiphobia is stronger than their love for the country (if any). When something doesn’t go the way they like, the country becomes “intolerant”. Some five star journalists have made entire careers out of their Modiphobia. This is the unsaid truth that everybody knows, political stance notwithstanding.

Last night, I saw the height of Modiphobia. A Left Wing Troll actually accused the Prime Minister made an “internal announcement” of the demonetisation on 1st April itself; giving his “his party members” a good 7 months while 2 days to the rest “to exchange/dispose” the currency.


I was flabbergasted! This move took everyone by surprise, including some Union Ministers! How can one even imagine? On what basis were the levelling this charge, except, of course, the Modiphobia? I decided to find out. On reading this document (linked with the post), I understood that it was a twenty page document containing a citizen’s ideas for the budget.

And an ordinary citizen’s idea is NOT a secret notification. There is no binding on the government to follow them. This is an open & inclusive government. People can share their ides with the government. Ideas are shared with the Prime Minister all the time. Some are uploaded right here on Satyavijayi itself! However, people try to blame Modi some way or the other. How come the remaining suggestions in the document were not implemented, such as reintroduction of wealth tax, or flat rate Income Tax.

It is a sad thing that their Modiphobia has taken over some people’s minds so much that they would not even accept simple logic! First, they call him uneducated. Then, they ask for his degree. Then, when a Central Minister & the Party President come out with the degree, they say that the degree is fake. When the (Congress appointed) Vice Chancellor comes out himself and says that Modi was a student, they accuse him of lying.

There is only one point agenda – by hook or crook, OPPOSE MODI. Some talk against the country when talks for it. Some will bring up absolutely ridiculous statements & make mountains of molehills. This hit-and-run attitude is only creating an atmosphere of mistrust & paranoia in the country. Ironically, the so-called tolerant lot wants everyone to say only what it wants to hear. At the end of the day, the only idea is to demean Modi. That’s the only agenda. Nothing else.

We are going to leave you with a video tweeted by my Guru: