Modi’s Palestine visit: Legacy of Gandhi’s Khilafat blunder

Prime minister Narendra Modi started three nations visit started with Palestine on 10th of February, 2018 followed by Jordan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). State level visits are highly symbolic and bears great significance among nations. This high level visits pave the way for bond between two nations and it’s people in root level, strengthen relation business, commerce, security as well as a significant good will gesture.

But few fundamental questions arises in the context of Modi’s Palestine visit. What exactly India is trying to achieve from this visit? Literally I am grasping for air while trying to think about the yield of this visit. Just for the clarification, I need to mention that Palestine is not exactly is state. This is the by product of Arab-Ottoman conflict which later successfully transformed into Arab-Israeli conflict where Arab leaders are predominantly responsible for this mess. Arrogant attitudes of Arab and Palestinian leaders destroyed every possibility arise since early 1920s.

Anyway, India is not going to achieve anything from this visit except good will gesture. This good will is the legacy of Mohandas Gandhi’s blunder when he formed an alliance with Khilafat leaders like Maulana Mohammad Ali and his brother Maulana Shaukat Ali in 1920 in the name of working together for Khilafat and Swaraj. This is an absolute blunder and historic mistake Mohandas Gandhi did and laid the seed for the partition of India. Forging an alliance with lost cause and back dated ideology like Khilafat is not only treacherous but also adopting a policy of appeasement just to ensure no one break away.

Probably this is the reason Indian National Congress (INC) party is so championed of appeasement that it cant not get away with it even though they realized it’s helping them in certain cases. In recent Gujarat election, Rahul Gandhi’s temple hopping was a clear indication of conflict with this INC’s embedded appeasement policy. If Modi is trying to camouflage of Israel policy or recent bonhomie with Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netaniyahu then it served it purpose well. Otherwise it can be said that Palestine visit is an act of balance for building a temple in Abu Dhabi in later part of the visit. I hope south block calculated this move more seriously rather than just being happy with blocking some properties and business of D gang in Dubai. A Nation’s interest is far deeper than that insignificant gain.

Palestinians authority or their ability to accept the reality, existence of Israel is the concrete reality. More surprisingly, Israel is the only country in the middle east which has vibrant democracy. Historically, Middle east was full of Pagans, Jews, Christians and Muslims. As a result of Roman oppression and later Islamic massacre if the Jews fled for their lives from their motherland, get scattered and take shelter around the world including India then I do not see any problem if the Jews claim their motherland one day.

In this sense, Israel is the hope and great example of claiming the land back for indigenous people. Similarly I am firm believer of undivided India, so do put a red flag over the legitimacy of Bangladesh and Pakistan. I do not know what Narendra Modi or NDA Govt believe in this context but visiting Palestine will be aligned with two state solutions as well as brutal partition of India. It is kind of a hypocrisy by the NDA Govt, that it emphasizes on such a cause by Modi’s Palestine visit which never align with the idea of modern India. If south block thinks they score a diplomatic victory over expulsion of Palestinian ambassador in Pakistan for attending criminal Masood Azar’s function they are dead wrong about it.

I am very much sure that Palestinian ambassador knew very well what he was doing and it means Masood Azhar to India. They are more aligned with pan Islamism which ultimately seeks destruction of India. Let’s say for argument sake, Palestine becomes independent country but will it stands with India over Kashmir issue?

Answer is no! No Islamic country stand with India over Kashmir issue, even they do that is an mere eye wash-nothing more than that. Iran and Bangladesh could be great example for this. Even though Iran as a Shia majority Muslim country, it has better chance to be with India over Kashmir issue than any other Islamic country but still it ditches time to time. Irani supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini’s statement [Reference: 1] on Kashmir in June 2017 proved this assumption.

In case of Bangladesh, India literally liberated those oppressed Bangalis in 1971 from the clutches of brutal Pakistani-Punjabi military steam roller. What we see now after nearly five decades of Independent Bangladesh? Bangladesh is another little Pakistan where Anti India sentiment is all time high. Bangladesh Govt whether it is Sheikh Hasina lead Awami League or Khaleda Zia lead Bangladesh National Party (BNP) might be aligned with India but over whelming majority of citizens support Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

So Narendra Modi or Ajit Doval or anyone in south block thinking they can buy their(Palestinian) loyalty then that will be strategic blunder. This is because lack of practical knowledge of pan Islamism and how does it work. I hope Modi Govt will show respect the emotion of majority of Indians rather than following the Gandhi-Nehruvian traditional line of promoting and supporting divisive ideology in the name of solidarity with oppressed Palestinians just like Gandhi did in 1920. Citizens of modern India neither want to see the repetition of the  history, nor eager to see Gandhi’s Khilafati ghost quietly spreading it’s shadow over the progress of India and most importantly become catalyst for another stage of amputation of Mother India.



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