Modi’s Strategic Checkmate: Dawood’s Assets to seized

After India asked Pakistan last month to seize the assets of Dawood Ibrahim, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, and Hafiz Saeed, this time the Government is going to take step ahead and request the United Arab Emirates Government to seize the assets of Dawood Ibrahim.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is presently on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, where he is set to meet, the king, and other top officials of the Princely states of UAE.

India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval is carrying a confidential list of Dawood’s properties in UAE and would be handing it over to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Documentary evidence a telephone conversation between Dawood and Dubai-based real-estate agents would also be handed over to the Dubai authorities.

UAE has been identified as a major source of income for the D-Company, and seizing their assets in UAE, would reduce their power to a considerable extent.

Doval’s is to appraise Shiekh Mohammed bin Rashid about Dawood’s involvement in underworld and terror operations. Once Sheikh Mohammed is apprised of Dawood’s present operations particularly in drug trafficking, UAE is to launch a crackdown on D company’s property running into billions. Dawood Ibrahim has shares in leading companies of UAE and some of the top properties including luxury hotels. The D company has also invested in shipping companies while his brother Anees Ibrahim runs a company named Golden Box with the help of his in-laws.