Mohammad Shami under Islamist fire after sharing video of daughter dancing on Diwali

Cricketer Mohammed Shami is not new to social media moral policing by Islamist herds, but it seems like this is not going to end any time soon. In a latest incident of infringing into Shami’s private life, Islamists decided to lecture him after he shared a video of his little daughter dancing on a Bollywood tune while lighting diyas on Diwali.

Shami on 19th of November, shared a video of his daughter, dancing and lighting diyas. However, many found it difficult to digest this innocently video and appreciate the little girl. Instead of doing so, they took it upon themselves to teach a few lessons on parenting to Shami.

A large number of people were seen lecturing Shami on what he must do to be a “good Muslim.” One gentleman, apperantly a Pakistani national, said “shame on Shami” being a Muslim.

One user said that Shami should stay away from “all this” while another said these “habits” are not right.

This is not the first time when Shami had to face trolling on social media by radical Islamist elements.

Earlier this year, Shami had to face trolling after sharing pictures of his daughter observing Saraswati puja.