Mohammed Shami, Harbhajan Singh hit out at Imran Khan for his hate-filled UN speech

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami and Harbhajan Singh on Wednesday lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for speaking of hatred in his UN General Assembly speech.

Shami took to Twitter to write: “Mahatma Gandhi spent his life spreading the message of love, harmony, and peace. @ImranKhanPTI from UN podium issued despicable threats and spoke of hatred. Pakistan needs a leader who talks development, jobs & economic growth, not war & harbouring terrorism #india.”

During his UNGA speech, Khan had said: “If a conventional war starts between the two countries, anything could happen. A country seven times smaller than its neighbour what will it do — either surrender or fight for its freedom.”
“My belief is we will fight and when a nuclear-armed country fights till the end, it will consequence far beyond the borders. I am warning you. It’s not a threat but worry about where are we heading. If this goes wrong, you hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” Khan had added.

Singh, in his tweet, said that as a fellow sportsperson, he expects Khan to promote peace.

“At UNGA speech, there were indications for India of potential nuclear war. As a prominent sportsperson, Imran Khan’s choice of words ‘bloodbath’ ‘fight to the end’ will only increase hatred between the two nations. As a fellow sportsperson, I expect him to promote peace,” Singh tweeted.