Mosque teacher in Bengaluru arrested for sexually abusing students

50 year old teacher of languages at a Bengaluru mosque, has been arrested over allegations of sexually abusing the boys, who he used to tutor. The accused, Muneer Abbas Ali was arrested after parents of several of his students, filed formal complaint against him.

The matter came to light when many of his students denied to attend the classes. One of the boys, revealed shocking accounts of sexual abuse that he had endured in the hands of Muneer. Following this, the boy’s parents filed a complaint against the teacher and also altered parents of other students.

“The family alerted the parents of the other boys in the class. As many as seven cases have been filed with the Ashok Nagar police since Wednesday. We suspect that many victims and their parents have not come forward fearing social stigma,” the police officer told The Hindu.

The accused is a resident of Gauribidanur and taught languages at mosque.  “He is married and has two children at Alipur in Gauribidanur. He has a Master of Education degree and taught Arabic, Kannada and Hindi,” a police officer is reported to have said.

After Muneer, was taken into custody, six boys also came up with their experience of sexual abuse by him. Cases under POSCO act, have been registered against him.