MP government asks family of rape survivor to vacate house that was alloted during previous regime

Indore development authority (IDA) has asked the parents of a gang rape victim to vacate the house and shop that was alloted to them by the previous government of BJP. Then-chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had announced a rehabilitation package for the victim, including allocation of a house and a shop in Indore.

The 8 year old victim who is now studying in 3rd standard, was kidnapped and later gang-raped by two persons on June 26, 2018. After raping her, the accused slit her throat and left her to die. The girl was found in a pool of blood in bushes near her school by locals, who informed the police. She was treated in a government hospital in Indore for about five months. Both the accused were found guilty and awarded death penalty in July 2018.

“When the BJP government was replaced by Congress government several people told me that I would have to go back to Mandsaur as the government has changed. Their words have come true. The previous government didn’t ensure any formal order in regard with the house and shop,” the father of the girl rued.

IDA executive engineer NL Mahajan said the house was given to the family after announcement made by the previous government. “But there is no formal order till now. We don’t have any right to hand over the house to anyone without a formal order.”

“The family was not living in the house either. The house was rented out to get some money and use the same money for them to get a house on rent near the temple where the shop was given to father of the girl,” he said.

The father said he now feared that his children would be sent off from school in the next academic session “as I can’t afford the fees of Rs 4.5 lakh”.

“The trauma and pain might be forgotten by politicians but we are still in immense pain,” the girl’s mother said.

“My daughter still undergoes trauma. She cries in her sleep shouting ‘Mummy bachao, mummy bachao’. I can’t bear the pain. She lives in a hostel of the school with her elder sister and visits us during holidays. She is facing many health issues. She can’t feel some part of her head. She also lost vision in one of eyes,” the mother added.

Meanwhile, MP Education Minister Jeetu Patwari assured that he will look into the matter and ensure that the family is not vacated from the house.